Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Unfortunate Bird Situation

When I was a young lassie getting married for the first time back in the 80s, I had a rather negative omen manifest itself right before we marched in to the justice of the peace to repeat our vows.  I was standing outside the small town courthouse and a small flock of pigeons landed on one of the eaves.  One of them shat right on my head.  Well, of course I ignored this and went ahead and got married - then got divorced 5 years later.  Go figure.

I've since been rather leery of birds.  They don't bother me as long as they stay the fuck away from me.  FAR FAR AWAY.  I have watched them dive bombing the cats and dogs whenever they get too close to the nest.  Mama and papa birds are quite ferocious. I hate when they crap on my vehicles.  Which of course, they have many times over the years.  It would be safe to say that while I'm not afraid of them (I hate spiders more...I feel another blog coming on that subject), I don't particularly care for them and will go out of my way sometimes to avoid them.

On that note, allow me to elaborate on the latest series of incidents that were the reason for this blog.  I work in an office right off the beach.  There are big windows in the front (as there are on many of the buildings that sit close to the sea).  We have 2 cubicles across from each other and one is mine.  Anyway, so every morning I'm sitting there at my desk and enjoying my coffee and the view.  Over time, I began to notice that I would hear these "thumps" throughout the morning.  The first time, I was like, "what was that?".  Weeks went by with this occurring repeatedly nearly every day.  Still not figuring this out.  What can it be?? For the longest this has been going on and I've had no idea until the other day what was causing this.

I needed to get on the computer in the other cubicle across from me.  As I'm sitting there, I happen to look out and see a bird coming straight for the window and it actually smacked into it, with a very audible "thump".  You guessed it.  The mystery noise was the birds slamming into the window trying to land on a plant that sits on the inside sill.  I guess I cleaned that glass too well.  I'd call that poetic justice.  :)

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  1. I had a bird poopie on my head during band camp my first year in High School. That impressed the cute seniors lemme tell ya! I can't imagine on your Wedding Day! What crappy luck!